Na Ba Lin Elementary School

"Respect for human nature, develop potential and create value for it". Every child can be taught , as long as the idea of self-responsibility aroused among the children, their potential can be fully developed.

Although we lack of resources and physical dimensions, we strive our best to create a lively and beautiful adaptive learning environment to enable children enjoy pursuing their dreams.

Professional competence and the belief of the teachers is the key to success of school education. Besides the basic education curriculum, we emphasize on disaster prevention and rescue experiment such as fire,flood and earthquake. In addition, students are given a lot of opportunities to learn how to play music instruments. For instance, mandolin, guitar, ocarina and flute are sufficiently provided by the school.We enhance the teachers existing abilities and develop their professional knowledge through learning activities with partner schools.

"Treat everything as a task to do" is the ideal concept of the principal which would like to present to all staffs in school hoping that they can work towards the goal. The school is located in the town's border zone XinHua. Due to the old community and morals of conservative, limited development and a number of subjective and objective factors, students in the learning and working attitude are not very positive. Therefore, a high quality learning and a positive attitude towards life of the children is the main goal.

Intention to build a Beautiful Campus
  1. Create a green environment

    green grass of the campus land, not only to improve the glare problem, it also brings insects and birds, butterflies fluttering in the thicket of flowers on campus, vibrant school is the best place to learn. 
  2. Activation of dry world-- world of water

    dead trees will be removed in court, and the soil cement barrier excavation to flush with the surface, covered with impermeable layer of canvas, covered with plants.
    when the children look at plants thrive slowly, their faces appear joy, we have planted in the hearts of children to respect life, cherish life root.
  3. Ecological study-- teaching farm
    Farm, greenhouse vegetables, guava tree, lemon grass, sunflower, as well as sweet potatoes, may have left us with a happy harvest plowing the tracks.
  4. Secret garden

    always make each visitor feel amazing, it will not only activate the space, also combined into a nearby waterway to another plant and animal ecology teaching observation zone.  
School Curriculum and Vision
Music cultivates children's meditation and patience, "Na Ba Children Orchestra" is therefore established. For years, children become more and more elegant. Parents enjoy the wonderful musical performance by the children held annually.


"Tug of War team" is the glory of Na Ba Elementary School, only the hearts and cooperation of every person in this group allow our children to achieve the victory, but also understand that "unity is strength". Besides, we provide multiple learning space and multi-skills training.



School Facilities

assembly ground


basketball court                                                       track

science laboratory                                                  library

Other school activities
fossil research                                                      sweet potatoes harvesting

mock fire and rescue practice